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 Why is LinkedIn so  important to your job search? Put yourself in the shoes of a hiring  manager in today’s economy. Your company is going through tough economic  times. Your HR department headcount has been reduced, and you’re being  asked to find and recruit talent to fill your open positions — a task  that you aren’t even prepared to accomplish. 

 Since I have been a recruiter, headhunter and run an HR department I would say the solution to find the best candidate for the least cost  to the company.  In the case of LinkedIn that is a broad search  capability for free. 

Clearly, to get this job done, networking is key and hiring managers  are looking to leverage their contacts by using the highest-leverage  social professional network there is, LinkedIn.

LinkedIn’s reach is both deep and broad.  There are 107M users in the  United States alone. The number of unique monthly visitors to LinkedIn  is 97 million.

As with any social network, the power is not only having a compelling  profile but also the value of your connects and by extension who they  know as well. Professional opportunities for senior level professional  are rarely found on job boards – it is all about your network.

Having and building a strong network comes from building and keeping primary, secondary and even tertiary connections.

Perfect Your Profile

 Easily Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile To Leverage Your Talents And Get The Job You Deserve With Andrea’s 8 Tips for a Rocking LinkedIn Profile 

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To put this in perspective consider if you have 500+ connections and  each of those people have 500+ and if this equation continues to build  your network access can become limitless in a very short period of time.

If we carry this example forward the likelihood of your having connections at the companies that you are interested in working for is extremely likely. You can build your network simply without an awkward conversation or a paper business card.


If that is not reason enough to optimize your LinkedIn presence,  think about Google. Google loves LinkedIn. With a strong LinkedIn  profile, you are likely to get found quickly on a Google search of your  name.  You can see how building a Rocking LinkedIn profile is an  excellent first step to getting the job that you want.

Get a Pro To Help You With Your LinkedIn Profile

Do you think about updating your LinkedIn Profile and just haven’t found the time to look at it?  Have you asked a friend who is a headhunter, recruiter or HR professional to took at your profile and give you some pointers? 

Contact me to schedule a brief, free consultation to discuss your LinkedIn Profile and how I can help you get the results you want. 


Perfect Your Profile

Easily Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile To Leverage Your Talents And Get The Job You Deserve With Andrea’s 8 Tips for a Rocking LinkedIn Profile